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moST fAvoriTe loVe quoTeS
moViE / tV QuoTes
loVe QuOtes
loVe quoTes -tAgaloG
lOvE StOrieS

its such a pleasure 4me 2 see u
how my heart beats wen i see u
eventhou u dnt talk 2me
juz 2 see u nir makes me hapy.

i cant xplain d reason y,
wen ur away i want 2 cry,
2u al of thse perhaps nuthng,
but for me its everything!!!

but i stil kip on hopin
dat sumday ul come bak
il always care nd thnk of u
rmemeber dat its true.

You left me all alone,
Left me here on my own...
But I didn't shed a tear,
Ask my friends,
They'll tell you,
I never cried for you...
What for?
You're not the only boy around...
And you made me learn things,
I wouldn't know by speech,
You made me realize,
Boys aren't all sweet,
Changing after you say 'yes'
So, my dear, baby, thank you...
I don't expect too much of love now...
I learned not to the perfect lover,
You just made me a sweet, lovable fighter...

The sunlight, with its golden rays,
Caresses his glowing face.
The moonlight, with its shimmering beam,
Makes his eyes flicker with a silver gleam.

He doesn’t know, he doesn’t see
That there’s a feeling that’s come over me.
I close my eyes, I see an angel in disguise.
He leaves me completely breathless.

Every time I see glittering lights
I see his incandescent eyes.
When I see the sky with perfect grace,
I’d watch the clouds forming his face.

There was something in his smile
That made me forget everything for a while.
If only he knew how much I care.
If he calls my name, I’ll be there.

I must be stupid and crazy,
Out of my mind and topsy-turvy
But I just can’t help thinking,
Maybe I’m falling in love with him.

So here I sit, thinking to myself,
In my world, he’s so special like no one else.
He changed the way I feel and he made me real.
I wish he were my destiny.

someday soon....
i sit in silence in tears i cry,
i cry for you as the days pass by.
you might never know what i feel inside,
but the memories of the past haunts me everynight.
i can't sleep, i can't leave the love that i feel for you,
for i know we will be together, someday soon...

I Was With You
Once, as my heart remembers
The sun was shining and we were together.
Once, when that day seemed forever
I was with you.

Once, when the sun was setting,
The sea was lonely and waves were rolling.
Once, underneath the crimson sky
I was with you.

Once, when the moon was glowing,
You were in my dreams, the stars were shining.
Once, when night seemed forever
I was with you.


I dream of you every night
Watched you as you pass by
Look at you from a far away sight
Never want you to know what I’m feeling inside…

It so hard to keep a strong feeling within
Like you want to shout so that everybody could hear
But doing that can make you go away
Your reaction and answer I may never bear…

So I keep this little secret from you
Scared to tell how much I love you
Wouldn’t take a chance for me to loose you
So I keep silent and not tell you what’s true…

Then one morning you came passing by…
I thought your going to talk to me…so then I smiled
My hearts fluttering while my stomach’s trembling….
But then you change your direction to another girl
"Oh well…chocolates later" I said to myself

count no days nor years 'til i see you
i have eternity to look forward to
i measure not the height of mountains
and length of oceans in between us
for no matter how far my heart hears you
nothing else matters except the way we feel
i love you and i always will...

My Dream

Another night has come,
And I'm still not feeling much better.
I still can't face the fact,
That we're no longer together.

As I begin to lie on my bed,
I remember the special times we had.
Nothing else in this entire world,
Can seems to make me glad.

I slowly start to close my eyes,
And think about how special you are.
I'm not sure whether to smile or cry,
So I allow these thoughts to drift afar.

Just imagining about you,
And picturing your lovely smile.
Somehow, everything is so perfect,
Everything feels worthwhile.

The thought of looking into your eyes,
My heart suddenly skips a beat.
There is just something about you,
Which sweeps me off my feet.

Dreaming bout you here by my side,
I hope this dream goes on for eternity.
I don't think you fully understand,
Just how much you really mean to me.

There is just a feeling within me,
That somehow I know is real.
I know that the emptiness in my heart,
Only your love can fill.

If I said sorry a million times,
Would I ever be forgiven ??
Would you smile and hold me ??
And allow me into your heaven ??

If I ran a thousand miles for you,
Would you run and hold my hand ??
Could you leave the past behind ??
And accept me for who I am ??

If I knocked on your door,
How is it going to end ??
Would you open up your heart,
And let me come back in ??


To me, love is being with you.
It is looking into your eyes.
It is spending a whole day with you
and still dreading our goodbyes.

Love is laying in your yard
and staring at the stars.
Love is like a bandage
healing my old scars.

Love is sitting on your bed
each with our own spoon
and eating strawberry ice cream
then looking at the moon.

Love is playing bumper boats
while swimming in your pool.
Love is playing darts with you
and acting like a fool.

Love is spending time with you
no matter what we do.
Love is anything at all
as long as it takes two.

Love is planning out our lives
while sitting on your bed.
Love is knowing you will catch
every tear that I may shed.

Love is feeling beautiful
when all my makeup's gone.
Love is laughing at you
when I make you yawn.

Love is knowing you'll be there
whenever I may call.
Love is giving everything
to you, my all in all.

Love is watching Fear Factor
every Friday night.
Love is seeing my future
and with you it looks so bright.

Love is eating Chinese food
until our stomachs hurt.
Love is the look in your eyes
when I wear your favorite shirt.

Love is being rescued
by you, my fearless knight.
Love is being in your arms
where everything feels right.

Love is holding hands with you
wherever we may go.
Love is is what I feel with you,
with you it's all I know.

Love is when you kiss my hand
just like in storybooks.
Love is when my knees grow weak
from one of your sweet looks.

Love is when you kiss me
and the whole world fades away.
Love is knowing you are mine
and that you're here to stay.

I didn't know what love was
until you came along.
Now I could go on forever
cuz these feelings are so strong.