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lOvE QuoTes

moST fAvoriTe loVe quoTeS
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loVe QuOtes
loVe quoTes -tAgaloG
lOvE StOrieS

-I want to be honest with you, but how can I when I’m in love with you when I’m not even supposed to.
- Never frown cause' you'll never know who's falling in love with your smile.
-It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone -but takes a lifetime to forget someone.
- If one day you decide to give up on me, I'll understand. And if i remembered you, i'd be grateful for the fact that in my life, I got a taste of the best things life can offer, and it happened when you came to me.
-one night, i dreamed i was a vampire, and i was suposed to bite you, but i couldn't. instead, i faced the sun and let myself die, when i woke up, i realized i did that for a simple thing. "i cant hurt u" .
- if your asking if i need you, the answer is 4ever. if ur asking if i'll leave You, the answer is never. if you're asking what i value, the answer is YoU. And IF uR askiNG iF i lovE U too, thE ansWer is i Do.
- i doNt regreT thE amOunT oF lovE i'vE giVeN u. i Dont evEn RemEmber hoW much iT iS. all i knOw iS thaT I hAve loVEd YoU to thE FullesT WiTh no lImiTs, nO doUbt, and no fEar.
- when I fiRsT mEt u, i NevEr thOUght You"d bE thAT SpeCiaL 2 mE juST wuT u r nOw. i miTE noT bE exPreSsiVe iN whAt i FeeL aboUt U , buT hoNestlY, uvE beeN onE uv thE beST pEople ivE shAreD nY liFe WiD.
-i neeD u liKe i hAve nEver NEeDed anyoNE befoRe. I neeD u liKe yoU'Re alL iM liViNG 4. i neeD u anD I hAvenT goT a clue. I neEd u And I donT knoW what 2 dO. i nEeD u, whAt mOrE shouLD I sAy. i NeeD u 2 tElL mE that yoU'lL StAy. 
- u CanT seE it vEry clEar thE wAY i act WheN U ArE near. Im tOo aFraId 2 let u clOSe 4 da fear oF U 2 knO thaT I never WanT u 2 lEt gO.
- U thInk i Dont lyK U, u ThinK i Dont CAre, buT giVe iT a ChANcE coz i kno SomethinGS thEre. uR maI gooD fRienD anD i kno thAt itS tRue. i nevEr thoT thiS woulD happen buT im fAllIng 4 U.
- i maY not get 2 See u As oFteN As i liKE, i maY noT get 2 get to hold u In maI ArmS alL ThroUGh dA niGht. bUt dEep  inSidE amI heaRt, i trUlY knO uR da oNE i loVe , and cAnT let Go.
- ForgiVe mY miNd, for iT cAnt 4geT how liFe bEgaN thaT daY We mEt. 4givE maI soUl 4 iT SeES THaT WE arE rEally mEant 2 bE. 4givE thIS fEelIng i juZ canT kilL. foRgive mai hearT , iT loVes U StiLL.
-i once hEard sum1 say "deRs no suCh thing as An ideal partner, only an ideal luv." dat tru love is not defined bY saying "ILOVEYOU because......." buT by sAyiNg "ILOVEYOU InsPite uV......"

-LuV is a woRd i tHot oNce kNew But haDnt riLy knOwn it uNtiL i foUnd u.aLL dat u haVe u arE wiLLing 2 giV,fiLing w/o deM u Cud nOt Liv.Da LuV i thOt oNce knEw wasNt tRu cuZ i nVer kNew Luv uNtiL i FouNd U...

- A
gud friEnd iS LiKe A cOmPuTeR... I "eNtEr" Ur LiFe,"SaVe" Ur iN mY hEaRt, "FoRmAt" Ur PrObLeMs, "ShIfT" u tO OpPoRtUnItIeS & NeVeR "dElEtE" u FrOm My MeMoRy.
-I lUk at Ur eyes & turn aWaY.. I realized u cnt b mine & I should go away.. Then u aSkd me why m doin this 2u... BcOz wen i luK at uR eyes, I knOw im nOt meAnt 4u...

-i hoPe dAt tYm wud cOme 4 u 2 realYZ dat oNce in uR lyf,i was der luViN u & i wil leave u not bCoz i love U no more but 2giVe u u Cud love her more..

- i nevr riLy wAntd 2 LET GO of u bUt u wAntd 2b free.i wntEd 2 stay bUt u wAntd me 2 GO.i nvEr GAVE UP til u tOld me dat ol d tym i was LUVIN U - u wer wshing me GONE!"

-if u need a shOulder 2 cRy on, i wiLl b there, but StiLl, i doNt want 2 seE u crY caUse every drop of ur tears is anotHer wound in mAi heart!

-y do i wAnt u bak? y cant i h8t u? y cAnt i let gO uV Ur memOrisE? y do i Find it hrd 2 4get u? so many y's bt d most unanswrd why is y do i stil luv u wen u sed gudbye?" 

- Life is like a blanKet too short.U pull it up and your toes reBel, you yAnk it down and shivers meaNder about uR shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw tHeir knees up and pass a very comfortable night."

-A thousand words won't bring u baCk, i know cOz iVe tried. Neither a thousand teaRs, iknO coz ivE tried.u leFt me wiD pain & gUd memories,but I doNt want memories...i want U bAk....

-dnt close Ur d0or wen U feel AlOne... dOnT cloSe Yur hEart wen u Dont want 2 l0ve.. and dnt ever close your hands wen you need a friend coz i'll be holding you til dA END.

-U walked in2 my life thRu an open door... then u left, clOsIng dat door
 & opening another. Now im wondring how many mOre doors i need to go thrOu tiLl i open D one that leads me back 2 u?

-sumday,Ul 4geT name,my msg,my voice,hu i am & hu i am 2 evn if u 4get me,i Juz want u 2 KnO i wil nver 4get hoW mch u mEan 2 meh!

-U excitedly senT mushy quotes 2 tHEe one U tRulY love only for Dem to send it Da the one dEy really love, then they end up bein together......and U, still waitin 4 theE reply

-EverY night I lay N my bed and wonder if you tiNk abOuT me tHe way I think about you

-Maybe I love you, maybe yOu love me, maybE we were meant for each other.. guEss we'll just haVe to wAit & sEe


-LOve CaN LaSt ForEver Just AlWayS KeEp That PerSon In Your HeArT!!

-If you wanna know how much I love you...Try to catch rain drops...The one you catch is how you love me And the ones you missed is how much I love you....

-Love isNt loving dA perfect persOn,but loving D inperFect person PERFECTLY!!!

-All i need is just one chaNce to prove 2U iM all you nEed...

-If people only knew when I said “Yea, Im gOod.” Dat iT realLy means I’ve been crying all night…again

-Every splLit second tHat goEs By i loVe U iNfinite tiMeS more thAn the split secOnd that has just past

-You know tHat itS love when aLl U want 4 tHaT person is 2b2 haPpy.EvEn if Ur n0t part of their happiNeSs

-That night wEn i sEd *I lOvE yOu* and u sEd it baCk...did u *MeAn* it or did u juZ say iT bCAs u diDnt waNt to *HuRt* maI feElings?

-I dropped a tear in the ocean...the day I find it is the day I'll stop loving you.

-If you love something, let it go.If it comes back, it's yours.If it doesn't, it never was.